Friday, November 11, 2011


So, basically, this week has had a lot of ups and a few downs as I'm sure the rest of my mission will run. Elder Olsen and I are basically amazing at teaching lessons together. We have been rolling through the lessons without fail or issue, asking the investigators questions, making challenges, applying the lessons to their lives, and feeling the spirit. So we have now committed both our investigators to baptism, tithing, and enduring to the end through church attendance, participation in the sacrament and ar working on Estela's daughter. We understand it is all roleplay but we try to think of it as real so we can have the same type of follow-up we could have in the field. I have been wishing these were real people and we were actually teaching them but unfortunately they are not. I do know that the Lod must be preparing people in Mexico for me though. Elder Olsen has progressed so much in his Spanish this last week from having our companionship reviews in Spanish. I just feel that we have been able to practice our language skills a lot more as a duo than we could as a trio.
Just yesterday, two of the three sisters in our district got their visas and they left for the Peru MTC this morning so we have one sister without companions...this means we have a solo sister (she had the opportunity to choose who she would teach with). Elder Olsen and I were worried about this because of the great amounts of progress we made this past week but, sure enough, she chose us. It's not upsetting to be in a trio but the way she made this decision flustered me a little: she put all the companionship names of the Elders in our district in a hat and drew from the hat. I think she should have prayed and gone to God about this decision. At the temple today I really tried to focus on this and what I should do and what Elder Olsen and I should do as a companionship. I had an overwhelming feeling that this isn't what the Lord wants. Any advice for this situation would be very much appreciated!!
Sunday night in our devotional, we had the opportunity to hear from the General Relief Society President Sister Julie B. Beck. She spoke about a lot of things and especially families and the importance of temple/priesthood ordinances. President Hinkley once said the reason why the Proclaimation to the World was presented in the relief society meeting the week before conference: 'There is nothing more Divine in nature than the ability to raise and bring up a child of God.' I truely believe that. Nothing on this eath is like Motherhood. I'm thankful to you mom for being the wonderful woman that you have been in my life and I love you so much. Jessi, you are an amazing sister and an even better mother. I've enjoyed watching you raise your children with a Christlike love and I know that God is proud of you and mom. Some women are sad that they do not have the opportunity to have the priesthood but I want them to feel comforted. They don't have the priesthood because men need it more. We need to be reminded all the time by the authority that we hold and how much the Lord loves us. Women are better about knowing their divine nature. One of my favorite songs to listen to when I get to go on the computer here is "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God." It reminds me of the wonderful voices of my sisters when they would sing it when we grew up. It's sad that it took me this long to realize how much I love hearing them sing. I know I'd be really irritable at home when Brandi would burst out into song or I'd roll my eyes when Hillarie would sing but you have beautiful voices and I loved the music we had in our home growing up (D&C 25:12). Thanks a lot to the women in my life. I don't know where I'd be without you. And to address the other point of her talk. Priesthood ordinances. Dad, I can never express with words how thankful I am to have had you in my life. It means more than anything to our family what you bring. You are a worthy priesthood holder and the patriarch of our home. There is a special spirit and love about you that reminds me of the way I feel when I am close to Heavenly Father and feel his love. When you would leave on your trips, we could tell a difference when you weren't there but I know that you were a guardian and sentinel of our home and I thank you for your protective hand in my life. I hope I can be as good as you.
I want to challenge you all this week to take a tiny bit of time to get a small pocket-sized notebook and to write the things in your life that you are thankful for (50 things to be exact). It's a really easy task and you can do it as you walk from class to class, as you take a lunch break or as you think about something that makes you happy. Just open that notebook and do it. Try to do that every week so that whenever you are feeling down, you can turn to that notebook and you can see God's hand in your life. I love you all and I know that God has a hand in your lives. He has told me personally through the Holy Ghost when I pray for you every night. I appreciate your prayers and can feel their effect in my life. Thank you.
By the way, my schedualed departure date is November 14 and if my visa isn't here by then, I probably will leave to another mission in the states before I got to Mexico City on that date anyways.


Elder Palmer

p.s. I was glad to hear that nobody got pulled over this week! Keep going to the temple and enjoy its blessings. I have gotten dear elders from you t-luv and alex and mom and dad. I appreciate the calendar Jess and Levi. Mom, I can't understand anything you try to say in letters! haha and good luck on your race. You're crazy but I love you nonetheless!!

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