Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elder Palmer's E-mail!

Sounds like our Elder is continuing on with a successful mission and growing more each day, despite some trials!

Dearest Family and friends:

I love reading your emails every week. The support I get from you all is truely immense. I know the Lord hears your prayers and has been supporting me because of your wishes. You are all so amazing and really blessed people. I hope that you can all remember who you are. You are all children of our Heavenly Father. If you dont know that, FIND OUT. I know you are all surrounded by people who know how you can figure out your true origines. God loves you and He wants you to be able to feel His love. He hears our prayers. He has blessed all of us with the opportunity to talk to Him whenever we want to. If you are ever feeling alone and really need somebody, He can be that somebody. I testify that God hears your prayers and is waiting to pour out his blessings upon you. Know that.
This week was really rough, spiritual, and full of learning. I have something to say concerning my time here in Mexico so far: I have never in my life felt more hated than I do now. The people all around are much smaller than me, they have darker skin and hair, and they are not wearing a shirt, tie, and slacks. I stick out like a soar thumb. All I hear is racial slurrs against me and the few naughty words that the people here know in English. But I love them. I dont know why because the majority of them dont want me but I just want them to know that God loves them and has a plan for them. It is amazing the support that I have felt from our Lord. I have a new understanding for how Christ felt when the people that He loved so much rejected Him and hated him. All of this is made up for when we find someone who is ready to receive us. I love them.
Three days ago, we met Jose knocking on doors and he invited us in. His wife died nine years ago and he accepted out message without a doubt. Along with our message, he accepted his baptismal date for Christmas! So, I will be wet for Christmas.
We had a ward Christmas dinner the other night and the members amazed us. Our prayers were answered when the members brought friends (7 of them!) and they are all very accepting of our message. We also had a baptism that night during the services of young Nahun who was really ready and excited for his baptism. The members and the new contacts were very excited for him and enjoyed the services.
Elder Montes is a first generation Latter-Day Saint. His mother was a Jehovas Witness when she invited the sister missionaries into her home almost twenty years ago when he was 1. His mother was baptized along with her three kids older than eight. He was later baptized by his older brother (his mom and dad are divorced.) Her has nine months on the mission and an avid student of the Bible. He likes the Book of Mormon and has a strong testimony but knows more about the bible than any other person Ive met. We are working really hard together and I couldnt ask for a better companion.
Our area is Las Americas in Ecatepec, Mexico. It is the Jardines part of Ecatepec near bosques and Las Americas. I doubt you will be able to find it on a map or Google Earth. The addresses are so hard to follow and find that we dont even bother having one for each individual missionary. Sorry Im not very specific. Our ward is Las Americas in the Ecatepec stake.
Anyways, this week was rough. We had over 25 lessons fall through but we beasted through it, found people, continued to study and pray, and ended up with new investigators and a baptism.
I love you all and wish the best for all of you. I will keep praying for you and know the Lord hears my prayers. Happy Birthday yesterday Mom and Brandi, you are going to be the best missionary ever!!


Elder Palmer
p.s. I do think of you all once in a while. :P

Called to Serve! Brandi Leaves for her Mission to Lisbon Portugal!

We are so proud and overjoyed to have taken Sister Palmer to the MTC yesterday! Sister Palmer is starting her new chapter of her life by serving our Heavenly Father.  She will be serving in the Lisbon Portugal mission.  She will be in the Provo MTC for approximately 2 months and then it will be off to Portugal. We couldn't be more proud of her in her decision to take 18 months of her life, and spend it preaching the gospel to those people of Portugal.
As we hear from Sister Palmer, I will update on here everything that she is experiencing as well as updating everyone on her addresses and the best way to write her.  We are so grateful for all the love and support all of you have shown towards Elder Palmer, and now Sister Palmer as they have both been preparing and now are serving on their missions.
We are so grateful for both of their examples and look forward to hearing from Sister Palmer soon.

Sister Palmer's MTC address is:

Sister Brandi Palmer
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E Mailbox#120
Provo, UT 84604
United States

**While Sister Palmer is in the MTC, we find that it is easier to us to write her.  It is free, and she gets it that day.  All you need is her Mission Box.... #120.

Thanks again to all of you for your support!