Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1 Week... and 3 baptisms!!!

Dear family,
This week has been nuts. I got here monday, as I already have informed you. We had cambios/changes on tuesday and that´s when I met my companion. His name is Elder Montes, from Chihuauha, México. He is a stud and really has helped me out a lot. My Spanish is really helpful as far as understanding people goes but they sure do like to use words that I have no idea what the heck they mean... Anyways, we taught a few lessons my first day with him and spent some time contacting. I was really excited because our first day seemed really successful. Then day two came.
Day two was a good time and we met a lot of people but all of our lesson plans that we set up fell through and we ended up teaching only members. Fun fact, I come all the way out to Mexico and the first three people I contact are 1 a jehova´s witness, 2 a Mormon from West Valley and 4, a French! What is going on in this world...
Anyways, we are teaching a family, the Garcia family and they accepted out baptismal invitation and got baptised this sunday... That was nutz!! They are great people and are very fascinated by me and America but we teach the Gospel, not imigration. Anyways, Saturday, they asked me to baptize them and that was really scary for me. I´ve only been out here a week and I have three baptisms!! The members are really awesome but church is at seven am so there aren´t many people that show up which is sad.
This sunday, we went to church with the Garcia family so we got there late and right when we got the the first counselor called me up to give a talk. Anyways, this week was really crazy like that.
The area I´m in is called the Americas and all the little neighborhoods are closed, which means we have to street contact and knocking on doors doesn´t really work...It´s really tough to have new investigators because all of our appointments fall through which is always a disappointment. The people are amazing and I really do love them.
Out home is really small. Elder Montes and I live their alone but we hardly spend any time there so It doesn´t matter. The members and investigators feed us really well and I absolutely love the food here...I just need to drink more water. We can´t drink from the tap so we have to buy huge jugs.
Thank you Spencer. Because of our little walks all summer, my feet can handle all the walking. Anyways, I love you all so so much and am excited to send you pictures next week.
Keep praying for me and I will keep praying for you.
Elder Palmer
Sounds like our Elder is doing great!! We still haven't received a new address yet, but as soon as we do we will let everyone know immediately!

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