Sunday, October 2, 2011

E-mail 9/29/11

Dear family and friends:

This week has been pretty good but challenging at the same time. I was feeling sick on Sunday when we got to usher for the mission conference where the MTC president and councilors, along with their wives, gave talks; I can honestly say that I hated life and was miserable Monday morning when I woke up.  Elder Olsen likes to sing the words "Happy are We" every morning when we wake up and I appreciate his humor.  Anyways, Monday was pretty rough but I fought through my difficulties and made it to the night when I asked Elders Marker and Olsen to give me a blessing.  That was the best night of sleep that I have had since I have been here, and Tuesday was probably my best day.
An Elder from the first quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us on Tuesday night's fireside and it was probably the best talk I've heard since I have been here at the MTC.  He spoke about our title.  The term Elder is a title that we have received and borrowed for the next two years.  It's been bestowed upon me in a similar way it has been bestowed upon the twelve apostles, as representatives of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He told a story of a stake president that was in his area as a seventy and the stake president hadn't been able to serve a mission at nineteen because he wasn't a member at the time.  The stake president asked if he could serve a mission and they worked on the paperwork, and when he came over to receive his name tag for his mission he just stared at it as tears rolled down his face and he repeated the words: "Elder Kisbea" over and over.  I think about how blessed that I am and am happy to say "Elder Palmer, a representative of Jesus Christ and his restored church." He also told us that we can do anything with God behind us.  I truly believe that statement.  With God behind us and through him and his power, we can accomplish anything; check out the poem "The Touch of the Master's Hand."
Dad, C.G., and Brandi I really loved those letters that I got from you this week.  They really boosted my spirits.  I need to top thinking so much about myself and just go to work though.  That's my goal for this week.  Forget about my own issues and problems and think about the people of Mexico City that I need to be preparing to teach and invite to come unto Christ.  By the way, I got both packages from you, mom and dad and am really excited for them.  I can't use the speakers because we can't listen to music at the MTC but I'll test them when I get into the field--exact obedience.  If you could send some, I'd really appreciate some lotion that's non-scented and no more gum... we can't chew gum.
I love your letters everyone and appreciate the support.  I can feel your prayers.  I love you all so very much and will continue to pray for you and hope you can feel my love.  I want to end this with a scripture thought that I ran into this week.  In the book of Moses, chapter 1, God appears to Moses in a vision but soon after, Satan comes to Moses and I want you to check out his reply as he sticks it to Satan.
With lots of love and care,

Elder Palmer

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